Why Millhousen Tech?


Get statistics on your visitors! Get the numbers on your site's page views, general location of visitors, device type, and more! Also, discover how visitors are getting to your site, and where they are leaving it.

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Make the browsing experience great, no matter the screen size! Responsive sites scale depending on the size of the screen, making sites easy to use on desktops, tablets, and smartphones!

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From our servers to a visitor's computer, your site is always secure! Our hosting plans come with a free SSL certificate, which will prevent evil-doers from modifying your site in-transit.

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Utilizing today's technology.
Leaving the past where it belongs.

Flash is a thing of the past, and we plan on keeping it that way. New standards are replacing the old, insecure and broken, and we're implementing them. We design everything according to W3C standards.

We test our sites.

Each of our sites undergo at least 3 tests for speed, search engine optimization, and security; assuring that everything we design meets our high standards. Grade A or bust.


GTMetrix tells us how we are doing in our attempts at keeping sites light and speedy. It then gives us feedback on how to further optimize your site, helping us keep the load times down and the visitors staying longer.

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Nibbler lets us know how we are doing with Search Engine Optimization, social media integration, accessibility, and technology, helping us get you to the top of Google searches. It also makes sure all of our sites exceed the newest W3C standards.

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Qualys SSL Labs

SSL is what makes sure no one is tampering with the connection between your site and your visitors. Qualys helps us make sure that SSL is implemented in the most secure and efficient way possible for all of the sites we host.

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We're straight up.
Sorry kids, no bologna.

With our straightforward pricing and no BS business model, you'll always know what's going to happen before something unexpected occurs.